LEVEL:  B1  TIMING:  45 mins

AIM:  To learn vocabulary related to a story which takes place in Brazil.

INSTRUCTIONS: Write the following words on the board: manicurist; elderly lady; red cap; petrol station. Ask the class what they think the connection could be between these words in a story. Ask the students to read Part 1 of the story called The Mystery of the Red Cap in a FREE e-book called Four Short Stories to Use in the ELT Classroom at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/587804.

After reading part 1, ask the students to discuss the two questions in pairs. Now ask the students to read Part 2 individually and answer the questions at the end in pairs. Go through the answers with the class and check if they have any doubts with vocabulary.  All the instructions are in the e-book.

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